Time to venture into the insurance business.

Why should your experience in the insurance business stop you from venturing into the insurance business?  All you need is to leverage a strong technology partner.


Be a partner of ZA Tech to gain access to not only our experience, knowledge and tech capabilities but also to a network that put your success as our top priority. We know because we have the vast experience of working with big digital platforms from payment platforms to e-commerce and ride sharing.

Successes with digital platforms

ZA Tech had vast experience working with digital platforms in pushing through successful insurance products. Here are some examples of our successes:



Low/No code SaaS platform that provides digital platforms with the tech capability to distribute digital insurance.


A template with more than 100 existing products which you can configure to build your own unique product for your platform. Once you’ve completed a one-time integration, our self-configurable solution will allow you to push a new product through from setup to launch within a week.


AIA & Touch N Go WalletSafe: e-Wallet and PA coverage

AIA and the biggest digital e-Wallet in Malaysia has co-created WalletSafe, a coverage for their e-Wallet with a combination of a personal accident coverage for only RM1 every 6 months.

Straight through purchase journey 

And end-to-end user journey from product selection to payment

Affordable coverage 

Coverage available at as low as RM1 every 6 months

Easy access to coverage information 

Customers can view their coverage details, coverage information and access to submit a claim all within the TNG app itself


AIA & Shopee Malaysia: Embedded insurance journey 

AIA, together with Shopee Malaysia has launched within Shopee’s e-Commerce app an embedded insurance journey where all customers can opt in for Extended Warranty & Electronic Protection coverage depending on the product they purchase.

Embedded journey

Seamless journey that enables policy purchase with just a check of a box while purchasing other products

Interactive experience

Product offering that is directly related to customers' purchase to help drive product interest

Let us help you grow

Our team of experts is ready to assess your needs and see how we can help you grow your market share and business. Reach out to us so we can start that conversation today.​

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Grab Singapore: Pay-per-trip usage based insurance for passengers

Launched within Grab’s passenger app that covers late drivers, order cancellation and/or personal accident. This provides users with a full coverage every time they use the Grab App.

Seamless add-on

Tight integration within user journey with flexibility to opt-out

On-demand protection

$0.30 = $100K per trip Personal Accident coverage

Innovative package

Value-add $5 voucher if the driver is late to pick them up by 10 minutes

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