Insurance business expansion can be for everyone.

ZA Tech is an InsurTech company that allows everyone to have a truly digital insurance experience. Providing technology capabilities to insurers like NTUC Income, AIA, Zurich and many more to expand their business into the growing digital channels.

Also allowing digital platforms like Grab, Shopee and Touch N Go to push through innovative embedded protection.

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Applying insurance to all aspects of life

Even though everyone needs insurance in all aspects of their life to protect themselves and their loved ones from risk and uncertainties, the much-needed insurance coverage isn't always available. Whether you’re an insurer or a digital platform provider, this is something you could do.

Be the market leader

Let us provide you with the technology to bring your brilliant new digital insurance products to the market fast.​

Truly digital experience

End-to-end digital insurance experience for both you and your customers.

Expand your horizon​

Move beyond your comfort zone. For insurers, it’s time to go digital. For digital platforms, it’s time to explore into the insurance market.​

Safe & seamless integration

Simple API integration that is flexible, non-intrusive to existing systems and safe.​

Tech solution for all businesses

It doesn’t matter if you're a world-renowned insurer or just a growing digital platform with no experience in selling insurance, we have the solution and expertise to help you launch your first digital insurance product.


For insurers

Grow your market; be the first to have the capability to introduce innovative digital products to market quick.


For digital platforms

Expand your business; use our experience and expertise to build digital insurance success on your platform.


Be ready for a truly digital insurance experience

Not every product sold on the internet is truly a digital insurance product. When we say digital insurance, its not only allowing the customer a straight through end-to-end from product selection to quotation to purchase experience but also a full end-to-end digital process at the back-end; from policy issuance to underwriting to automated claims.


Low/No code SaaS platform that provides digital platforms with the tech capability to distribute digital insurance.

A template with more than 100 existing products which you can configure to build your own unique product for your platform. Once you’ve completed a one-time integration, our self-configurable solution will allow you to push a new product through from setup to launch within a week.


SaaS insurance platform built to enable rapid go-to-market for digital insurance distribution.

A product built with a sole focus to allow insurers to grow their market share digitally. With more than 100 out-of-the-box configurable products on the platform, an insurer can set up and launch a product directly on the system itself with little to no integration. We do allow the flexibility to integrate and achieve a fully data driven policy and billing management.


Intelligent marketing automation built for insurance and proven to deliver engagement, conversion and growth. A powerful tool built to handle more than 10 billion customer touch points daily.

Pre-built template allows effective engagement that is proven to increase the lead-generation probability by 30%. Automated lead distribution to agents according to AI analysis to ensure better leads to customer conversion rate.

Let us help you grow

Our team of experts is ready to assess your needs and see how we can help you grow your market share and business. Reach out to us so we can start that conversation today.​

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